Niche Up or Down?

Those who stick to just one niche in writing don’t realize that they are eventually going to exhaust that niche. Exploring other topic areas that appeal to you could result in more avenues for growth and a broader audience. Here are tips on how I grow both my core and niche audience on Medium by branching out of my core niche.


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The Movies That Define Us


You can tell a lot about a person from their choice of films. Oh dear

There I was, working diligently on several Medium articles. I have lots of ideas to get out and not all of them are about music. Mostly, but not all.

The challenge was:

If this idea is on your Radar, here’s Hawkeye’s original challenge. (I’ll have to leave it to others to say if Pierce/Hawkeye is a.k.a. Hotlips too.)

I was going to M*A*S*H the song and movie articles together but I think the original idea was to do two separate pieces. Anyway, it got too long so the songs article will come another time. I’ve never written about movies before.

My brain capacity is clogged with 159.26 Terrabytes of music and football stuff so there’s no space for much else. I enjoy films but I can’t retain the names of the actors, directors or even the films because my disk is full. Unless it’s Clint Eastwood of course. I know all of his work. Even Cry Macho and those monkey films.

Anyway, here goes and please bear with me on this — remember I’m working with restricted brain RAM.

This was the first film in which Captain James T. Kirk was played by the actor Chris Pike. I think that was his name. It’s probably not…

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