The Benefits of Homemade and Handmade Natural Soap

True soap is very basic. It consists of oils, lye, and water. Glycerin is created during the process of making handmade soap, also called saponification. That’s all that is needed to cleanse the body…


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Staying Active and Healthy by Using Google Fit

Understanding Heart Points & Move Minutes to Track Your Fitness Progress

Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart.

— Gene Tunney

How much do you care for your heart? Are you doing enough to stay active and healthy? Can technology help you track your progress of physical fitness? If you are searching for answers to such questions, this article is for you.

Staying active and doing exercise regularly help in maintaining good health and also it reduces the chance of heart diseases. There are many mobile apps in the market today which can help in keeping you active and healthy. Such apps help in measuring your efforts such as counting the steps, heart rate, heart points etc.

Cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by living a healthier and active lifestyle. Additionally, it is widely accepted that cardiovascular diseases are one of the major leading causes of death several countries have. This is why engaging in an active lifestyle can help lower blood pressure, boost your good cholesterol, improve your blood flow, among other benefits. As you may be aware that your heart and lungs play a vital role in cardiorespiratory fitness, which is an important measure of the ability your heart and lungs have to provide oxygen to your muscles during exercise.

The most interesting thing Google Fit has is tracking Heart Points and Move Points during walks, runs or bike rides using your device’s sensor (i.e. Accelerometer, GPS, etc). The Google Fit Heart Points are based on motion detection. Many users don’t have a heart rate sensor on their devices, however, Google can still try to recognize the type of activity you are doing and grant you Heart Points and Move Minutes. For instance, if you are doing an activity for more than one minute (at 30 steps per minute) you will earn one Move Minute. Similarly, for every minute of cycling, you will earn one Heart Point and one minute of brisk walking (100 steps or more per minute) will give you One Heart Point as well. Heart Points will be tracked when users have started to get their hearts pumping, simply put, when there is an increase in their heart rate. A Heart Point will be added for each minute of moderately intense activity like picking up the pace while you are walking your dog and will double points for more intense activities such as running or kickboxing. So Google Fit rewards its users for every activity such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking with a friend instead of sitting for a coffee.

(Screenshot of Google Fit showing number of Steps, Heart Points & Move Minutes)

If you really want to be active and healthy, you can be. In your journey, technology can definitely help you to great extent. If you think you do not have enough time for doing exercise or workout for your own body, you need counselling. I have come across many people who undermine the importance of doing exercise. I think it is gross negligence on your part if you fail to do exercise (for whatever reason) for staying active and healthy. I am glad that we can take help of technology like Google Fit to measure the progress of our physical fitness. Stay active and healthy and look young.


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