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Please push me of the bridge

I am not the type of person that likes to spend time in the company of myself and myself. I like human interactions, I love watching people interact (often awkward when you get caught) and most of all I like to chat. Talk about politics, listen to what people have recently experienced, what places they visited and I could go on and on like that.

I have many mums friends, and currently pretty much only mums friends. Surprisingly, recently all we talk about is how incapable we are to home school our kids, about wine consumption and weed gummies, oh how we wish we could get some!

Then we go on Facebook and show photos of how wonderful our kids are, how brilliantly they learn, what a fabulous dinners we cooked. We do it all (the magnificent things) only to cheer each other up, because the truth is, we are standing on a bridge wondering when can we jump.

Ah no, we don’t want to die, no, no. All we want is be in this state of mind when you fly, when everything is beautiful and calm, the kids are laughing, dog barking… far far away…sort of Avatar but perhaps on the top of the mountain .

Ah wouldn’t it just be fabulous?!

Do you expect me to write more on this subject? Your expectations are too high, I am tired of home schooling, talking about home schooling… so let’s just stop in the Avatar, on the top of the mountain, with a beautiful view, a little breeze gently touching your skin, and the smell of pure calm and freshness (yeah no more bodily odours) …

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